A Reward Upgrade

Have you heard about Strainprint™ yet? Have you tried it?

Whether you’ve already become a faithful user of this revolutionary app or if you’re brand new, we’ve got some news you’re going to want to hear.

What is Strainprint all about anyway? Currently available for Apple iOS and Android devices, Strainprint is revolutionizing the way you choose and track your strains through a user-friendly app designed for patients by patients, to be effortlessly used by everyone—including those with impairments. Even better, Emblem has partnered with Strainprint to create a customized version just for Emblem patients. This means that all of our products will instantly appear at the top of your database, making it even easier to select your strains.

To get started:

  1. Download the app onto your Apple or Android
  2. Sign up using the special Emblem Activation Code EMB182550
  3. Create your personalized experience by selecting your specific symptoms to treat.
  4. Begin building your strain library and with the strains you’re using, the method of consumption and your dosage.
  5. Start tracking!
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