All About Cannabis Oil

Understanding the Cannabis Oil Extraction Process

Understanding the creation of your dried bud is fairly simple stuff, but grasping how your medicine is transformed from a plant into cannabis oil is a little trickier.

However, it won’t be for long. We want you to know how your medicine is made, so you can be confident each and every time you take it. And we’re elated to share our process with you.

Creating a high quality, concentrated cannabis oil extract is equal parts science and art. Thankfully, Emblem’s top-notch cannabis extraction team was more than capable of meeting the challenge, resulting in an oil extraction production process that generates consistent, pure and superb cannabis oil for our patients. The first step was a rigorous research and development (R&D) project, aimed at optimizing each and every step of oil production to provide the highest yields and highest quality oil from each of our cannabis strains destined for cannabis oil fame.

Emblem’s team started with the highest-quality materials possible, ensuring that each was completely safe and 100% food grade (or higher), meaning proven to be safe for consumption. Next, the team took those materials and conducted multiple trials, with the goal being to comprehensively optimize the oil production process. This includes everything from grinding the cannabis flowers to the perfect size to faithfully extracting the important cannabinoids… and everything in between. Let’s break it down.

To make cannabis oil, we start with the bud. The buds (flowers) first go through a grinding process, resulting in perfect particle size. This is important because, along with the pressure and temperature used during extraction, it dictates the percentage of total cannabinoids extracted from the plant material. This, in turn, yields the most effective and potent medication. Creating the perfect particle size is a balancing act, because smaller particles mean more efficiency, but also bring along more unnecessary compounds. Larger particles are less efficient, but result in fewer undesirable compounds. Emblem achieved the goal of developing an ideal particle size for optimal extraction efficiency and purity.

Another important step in the process is decarboxylation (commonly referred to as decarbing). When cannabis is consumed, it usually goes through a heat source first (such as a vaporizer). Cannabis plants don’t actually make THC and CBD, but their alternate “acidic” forms known as THCA and CBDA; it’s the heating process that transforms the compounds into their “active” state for medical efficiency. This is important because only the THC and CBD-type compounds (and not their acidic counterparts) bind to the cannabinoid receptors within the human body to create the desired effects. Since Emblem’s concentrated oil isn’t meant to be heated, but to be used orally, we have to heat it ourselves to activate the important cannabinoids.

At this stage, we’ve finished grinding and have optimally heated the particles. Next comes the actual extracting. Emblem’s activated cannabinoids are extracted using our supercritical CO2 process and then purified to remove any uninvited plant lipids. Then, the highly concentrated resin is blended with our pharmaceutical-grade carrier oil, resulting in the final product. The type of carrier oil used is incredibly important as the oil has huge implications on the body’s absorption of cannabinoids into the bloodstream. The carrier oil also needs to maintain stability to mix well with cannabis oil, and it needs to be free of allergens.

That’s a lot to ask of a simple oil, so we had to make sure we sought out and used the best available. Emblem is using the highest quality, pharmaceutical-grade and FDA-approved medium chain triglycerides (MCTs) as our carrier oil. MCT oil is derived from coconut oil and offer numerous benefits—which is why it’s quickly gaining fame and love as a nutritional supplement.

Finally, as part of our R&D program for cannabis oil production, Emblem has validated all methods, ensuring that we accurately monitor the cannabinoids throughout the entire process. Our ability to create reliable and consistent cannabis-based medicine through use of the highest quality ingredients and production process controls gives you confidence that your dosage will deliver the desired medical effects, each and every time. It’s Emblem’s commitment to each patient’s health, wellbeing and peace of mind.

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