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Cannabis Oil VS. Dried Flower

Cannabis Oil Vs. Dried Flower: Dosing, Onset & Ease of Use

For medical cannabis beginners, deciding how to consume your cannabis can be confusing and complicated.

With so many consumption methods, making the choice that’s best for you can seem harder than an advanced-level college exam. But don’t worry. This isn’t a test. But if it was, we’re here to help you cheat. Emblem is debuting the first of our cannabis oils soon, and while we’ve simplified the selection process by launching with oils that use one specific strain to give you a better idea of anticipated effects, there’s still a big difference between consuming dried flower and cannabis oils.

Getting your exact dose of medical cannabis can be fairly daunting when you’re talking about dried bud. Each strain comes along with different levels of cannabinoids, which will create varied effects. Once your doctor gives you a daily dosage of dried flower, you have to measure it out before consuming it through a vaporizer (or other delivery method of choice).

If you’re concerned about getting an exact dose each and every time (a common issue with medical patients, versus those who use cannabis recreationally), cannabis oils are an easy solution. Due to an ultra-precise dosing method, you can choose exactly the number of drops you need to release when you use cannabis oils.

If you like to cook with cannabis, using cannabis oil is even simpler than dried bud—especially in terms of precise dosing. If you’re cooking for one, simply add one dose to the food (or drink). If you’re making a batch of edibles, you just need to multiple the number of doses to drop in with the number of servings you’re baking up.

If you’ve ever had an edible, you know that there’s a big difference between the effects of cannabis when you inhale it into your lungs versus consuming it through your digestive system. This is because the cannabinoids go through a different metabolic process depending on the consumption method. Inhaled dried flower cannabis goes directly to the brain, which means the effects appear quicker and don’t last as long.

Cannabis consumed orally, either through an edible or through drops of concentrated cannabis oil, is metabolized through the stomach and then the liver. This means it takes longer for the effects to appear than when you inhale cannabis. However, it also means the effects are known to last much longer and can often be stronger. It’s well known in the cannabis world that any oral ingestion should start at a very low dose. Then, wait a good long while (60-90 minutes) before you decide to take any more. The time it takes for the effects to kick in and the strength that results will differ based on your specific strain, your body and if you’ve eaten anything recently.

One of the things many patients love about medical cannabis is that it’s not a ‘one size fits all’ medication. There are many types of cannabis and many ways to use it. Some patients prefer using a more traditional consumption method, through inhaling dried cannabis. However, this method requires both equipment and extra time to set up your medication. Using dried flower outside of your home can require some additional forethought, although there are many vaporizers on the market suitable for discreet, on-the-go use.

Cannabis oils are administered with no equipment and are incredibly easy to dose and use. Just a few drops (the exact number depends on your prescription) under your tongue from Emblem’s small, discreet glass bottle and you’re good to go. If you’re going to be in a place where it’s difficult to use your dried cannabis through inhalation, cannabis oil may be more convenient. Yet keep in mind that the same rules and laws apply to both dried flower and cannabis oil. For example, just as you can’t take your dried cannabis bud outside of Canada when you travel, the same goes for your oils. And you are still only allowed to have your monthly legal allowance in your possession at any given time.

Finding the type of cannabis consumption method that works best with your symptoms and lifestyle can take a little trial and error. Also, keep in mind that sometimes mixing and matching is the perfect solution. For example, you might find cannabis oil is the easiest solution for the morning, while you prefer the quicker effects of using dried flower before bed. Talk to your doctor or a cannabis clinic consultant for more information. It’s important to leave no question unanswered!

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