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Cannabis & Your Higher Education

Cannabis & Your Higher Education

Between the rising needs, success, and legitimization of medical cannabis, and the forthcoming legalization of adult-use recreational cannabis throughout Canada, it seems like there’s been no better time to enter the industry. Yet up until recently, the only way to get valid and accredited experience in the cannabis sector was to somehow snag a job simply based on your professional skills that were completely non-cannabis related. Not having professional experience until someone hires you to build it, is a paradox that has frustrated many trying to get a foot in the cannabis company door.

It’s been obvious to many that the starting places for this exploding industry is with higher education. Of course, when you think about cannabis and college, your mind may go somewhere altogether different. But we’re not talking about late-night parties or trying to spark some extra creativity for a last-minute paper. This is the real deal. Educational institutions have smartened up, offering courses to help give the people want they want—a way to truly learn about cannabis and its industry.

We’re at the forefront of this movement, as our entire Emblem Corp team sees the need to help cultivate cannabis education and create a future that truly makes the most of everything the cannabis plant has to offer. To help achieve this, our education subsidiary GrowWise Health has formally partnered with Durham College to begin integrating cannabis-related learning into the college’s professional development program. The creation of these professional development courses is the first-ever agreement in Ontario between a cannabis education service and a post-secondary institution, like Durham College. This new partnership expands on the initial, 2017 course GrowWise and Durham collaborated on—the massively successful School of Continuing Education’s Medical Cannabis Fundamentals for Business Professionals course.  In the future, Durham hopes to expand their course offerings past professional development courses to also include post-secondary courses.

This introductory-level, two-day course is specially created for Canadians with a degree or diploma in business who want a career in the medical cannabis industry. Students will study a variety of cannabis industry topics, including both its history and the emerging trends that will take the Canadian cannabis industry into the future. The course also teaches the basic anatomy of cannabis plants and their differences, helps identify critical elements of cultivation, highlights appropriate and legal uses for medical cannabis, discusses select business aspects of the industry, teaches the possible patient benefits and side effects of cannabinoids, and more.

Once you’ve completed this crash course in the cannabis industry you’ll receive a Durham College badge, which is a digital credential that can be placed on your resume, website or LinkedIn bio. The next available course date for Medical Cannabis Fundamentals for Business Professionals is February 24th and 25th, 2018, between 9:30AM and 4:30PM at the Oshawa campus. If you’re not nearby, often Durham offers this course in their Global Classroom, allowing participants to join online with a laptop. Visit or call 1-905-721-3000 to register or learn more.

Medical Cannabis Fundamentals for Business Professionals partnered by Emblem Corp and Durham College is only the beginning of our work together. GrowWise and Emblem will use our expertise to closely collaborate with Durham, focusing on applied research and experiential learning opportunities for both the medical and recreational arenas. Durham plans to design and develop online and traditional courses to healthcare professionals, patients and others who want to start their cannabis career. If this course isn’t what you’re looking for, stay tuned for future news to learn what we’re offering soon!