Introducing Wedding Cake and the legendary Afghani Bullrider by BLLRDR. These two new iconic cultivars come to Emblem thanks to a recent partnership between Aleafia Health and BLLRDR.

Wedding Cake – A Modern Icon
Wedding Cake is an iconic Indica strain that has gained a lot of popularity over recent years.  This high THC strain emits a nose of fresh pine and earthy-sweet citrus. It has a high cannabinoid content with a robust terpene profile of Caryophyllene, Limonene, and Myrcene – resulting in a unique experience.
Afghani Bullrider – A Legendary Cultivar
This rare cultivar has a storied history across North America. It has large, green fluffy buds, with a noticeably high concentration of long amber pistols. It’s a flower that emits sweet and sour aromas with fruity notes. The terpene profile is dominated by two terps – Myrcene and Farnesene – which lend a consistent and predictable flavour profile from batch to batch.

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