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Cannabis Education at Durham College

Since 2017, Emblem Corp’s education division GrowWise Health has partnered with Durham College to help provide relevant and important cannabis education for Canadians hoping to make cannabis their career. The initial course, Medical Cannabis Fundamentals For Business Professionals, was the first of its kind at an Ontario College. And it has proved to be a successful and useful tool in cultivating a properly educated community within the professional cannabis industry. 

Along with this popular, original course, this spring Durham is offering three additional courses to help students further their cannabis learning. They include:

Medical Cannabis Fundamentals For Business Professionals

Next Offering: March 16-17
Registration Open for In-Class and Online

Cannabis in the Adult-Use Market

In an emerging multibillion dollar market, the legalization of cannabis for recreational use is inviting not only an increased big business presence, but also creating many new opportunities for micro-sized entrepreneurial ventures. Students in this course will examine the complexities and challenges of this rapidly evolving marketplace.

This course will look at core customer groups, as well as products and services within the adult-use market, and differentiate this market from the medical stream. It will explore various branding and distribution approaches, and how quality and price will play key roles in a legitimate recreational market that must compete effectively against illegal providers. In addition, students will consider the critical role of responsible adult use and consumer education in de-stigmatizing cannabis.

Next Offering: March 30-31

Registration Open for In-Class and Online

Cannabis Law and Ethics

The legislative landscape for cannabis production and use in Canada is continuing to evolve. Upon completing this course, students will be able to locate and interpret current legislation relating to the medical and adult-use markets. Students will apply this knowledge to concepts of production, promotion, packaging, and the sale of cannabis within the framework of maintaining full compliance, as well as to personal use and potential implications.

In addition to regulatory concerns, students will also discuss and debate important ethical considerations relating to the legalization of cannabis, including use by minors, medicinal claims, expunging past criminal records and more.

Next Offering: March 23-24

Registration Open for In-Class and Online

Importing and Exporting Cannabis

With the medical use of cannabis well established and as the first G7 country to federally legalize recreational use, Canada is poised to become a leader in the global cannabis market. This course introduces students to the continually changing international cannabis landscape and its implications to Canadian companies for legally importing and exporting the product.

This course will consider the potential scope of opportunity in international cannabis trade. In addition, the implications of multinational treaties on importing and exporting cannabis will be examined. Students will be also introduced to Canadian import/export procedures and requirements, not only for cannabis but also for hemp.

Next Offering: March 9-10
Registration Open for In-Class and Online

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