At Your Service

At Your Service

The way we see it, our patients are everything. And it’s been that way from Emblem’s inception. We realized right away that a responsive customer service team would serve as our backbone—not visible from the outside, but wholly responsible for keeping things upright, strong and successful. So we created the gold standard when it comes to customer service, with superior dependability every time. A large part of that is thanks to our very witty, charming and all-around amazing Client Care Manager, Samantha Dunn. We snatched Samantha away from her regular responsibilities, so she could explain just what makes the Emblem Client Care Team so extraordinary.

What’s customer service and how does your team represent Emblem?
‘Customer service’ is aiding someone through an entire process in an efficient, receptive manner and following up to ensure they are satisfied with the outcome. Our Client Care Team is a group of wonderfully thorough individuals with an amazing work ethic. We represent Emblem by taking time with each and every patient to understand their needs and work hard in determining next steps to reach those achievements in whole health.

Walk us through a typical Emblem patient’s journey. How is being a patient with Emblem unlike any other LP?
From the moment we receive a registration form and medical document we’re contacting the physician to complete the verification process. What sets us apart? **Insert epic, exhilarating, Will Smith speech here** Kidding! The abundant number of staff in our department allows for us to: A) Have an actual person answer the phone from 7AM-7PM, B) Readily contact physicians and clinics to ensure a speedy on-boarding process and C) Ask for patient feedback, because our patients are the driving force behind our brand. We provide quality medicine with exemplary service to our patients because we believe in the power of natural healthy living.

What steps did Emblem take to ensure remarkable customer service?
We strive to provide a positive experience in keeping onboarding and ordering processes as simple as possible. Unsure how to begin? Call us toll-free. Feel like you’re waiting too long for shipping? We’ll start a conversation Canada Post can’t refuse. No matter where you are in the process, we’re ready to help you along the way.

What is Emblem’s approach when it comes to customer service?
Every day we stand by the old adage “Treat others as you’d like to be treated”. And we do it with a helpful, cordial tone, a ‘see it through attitude’, and of course, extensive sarcasm and humour to keep the process light.

Do you think Emblem offers the best customer service in the business?
Although this may seem biased, yes! We absolutely do! Why? Most of the staff members within our department are patients as well as employees. So we appreciate quick turnaround time for medical documents, walking new patients through ordering and following up to inquire into patient satisfaction. We’re thrilled to provide answers to questions and we appreciate every bit of patient feedback. Even within social media—Instagram, for example—we respond to messages and comments incredibly fast. It’s all about creating a dialogue. We talk with our patients, not at them.

Why is it important to you, your team and all of Emblem that the brand’s customer service is so great?
Customer service is a pillar to our brand, because we’ve experienced the wonderful effects of cannabis (either personally, or first-hand with our family and friends) and we believe in the budding potential of this natural medicine for our patients.

Why has Emblem’s customer care team been so successful?
As a team, we pride ourselves on going above and beyond for our patients. We make open communication our utmost priority and place importance on finding the most suitable strain to meet the needs of each individual. Our VP of Marketing & Communications keeps tabs on response numbers and other metrics. She watches everything day and night, week day or weekend.  She understands that our patients don’t just experience Emblem during business hours, so neither can she. So she knows if someone on our team isn’t responding as quickly as needed. It keeps us on our toes!

How do you keep the team motivated?
Staff events—like an escape room challenge—that provide serious bonding and a little healthy competition. Plus, copious amounts of caffeine…  all day, everyday.

How does social media come into play and what is that like for you?
We adore social media for what it is—a fantastic, new age platform for contributing ideas and thoughts. It allows us to collect opinions and share our unique brand with the public, while incorporating our special Emblem flare.

What is your favorite part about working with Emblem?
After eight years of working in-hospital, I am happy to feel as though I’m part of a family who focuses on natural wellbeing and the greater good of our patients. I may not be out rescuing kittens from trees or creating a calorie-free chocolate, but I’m helping people in a very unique and gratifying way. It means a lot to me. You know you’ve got it good when you actually look forward to going to work every day.

Any advice for incoming patients?
Don’t think you have to contact the Client Care Team as a last result! I know many people may hesitate to reach out for one reason or another. But we truly want to make the entire patient process and experience as easy as possible. Stop sweating and stressing, and call us instead. Another piece of advice is not to hesitate when it comes to giving us your honest, detailed opinion. We really want to know what you have to say—the good, the bad and the ugly. That’s what helps us build a better experience. Write reviews on Lift and since I know most people are already Facebooking and Instagramming the day away, head on over Emblem and get social.  Attendance will be taken. Bueller… Bueller…

Do you and your team have any goals for 2017?
Big goals! Between team expansion and continuing to provide exemplary service, our Client Care Department hopes to win Lift’s 2017 Canadian Cannabis Customer Service Award. Vote Emblem!