Emblem Cannabis Oil Capsules

Emblem Cannabis Oil Capsules offer simple, consistent and accurate dosing for patients, providing a precise method for taking your medical cannabis that is easy to track and adjust as needed. The capsules are portable and give patients a discreet medical cannabis format that more closely resembles a traditional medication.

The 10mg Emblem Oil Capsules are high-quality formulations that are taste-free, odorless and vegan.  Plus, as you have come to expect with all of Emblem’s oil products, the 10mg oil capsules are strain-specific. Using the same strain each time means better consistency, so you can expect similar results each time you use your medication.

We understand that some of our patients who have titrated to higher established dosages of Emblem oils were looking for an easier, simplified way to take medical cannabis. Therefore, we launched with three chemovar-specific, 10mg formulas: High CBD (10mg CBD per capsule), Balanced (6mg THC/10mg CBD per capsule) and High THC (10mg THC per capsule). For those of you looking for lower strengths to use within your treatment plan, we plan on introducing additional dosages of the Emblem Oil Capsules in the coming months.

If you are an Emblem patient you can explore the 10mg oil capsules right now in our shop. Interested in becoming an Emblem patient? Learn more here.

Finally, if you have any questions about the 10mg Emblem Oil Capsules, how to become a patient or anything else regarding Emblem, contact our Client Care team at 1-844-546-3633 or hi@emblemcannabis.com. Once you’ve tried them, we would love to know what you think!