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How To: Increase Your Energy

How To: Increase Your Energy

Adults of all ages seem to be suffering from an energy deficit these days, feeling fatigued from the moment we hit the snooze button until we drag ourselves back to bed at the end of the day. Between work, family and life demands, today’s adult is stressed, tired and simply stressed out from being so tired! But it doesn’t always have to be this way. Making a few key changes in daily habits can help store up added energy for a more vitalized way of life.


Let in the light

Even after you’ve forced your body to roll out of bed, the mind is still in sleep mode. In order to help the brain stop producing melatonin, you need to expose yourself to light. Open the blinds, stand by your window and let the morning sun help wake you up. Plus, research suggests that morning light exposure may help lower evening cortisol levels.


Turn up the beats

Music has an amazing way of helping us get into whatever mood we desire. Relaxing, slow sounds can help us unwind, while upbeat, fast songs can promote energy and help create a ‘can do’ attitude. Whether you’re listening to earbuds at the office to finish that report or relying on your powerful speakers to get you through an afternoon of cleaning, an energetic playlist is a surefire invigorator.


Get moving

Although it may sound counterproductive, movement is a key component to energy. A morning workout will help trigger endorphins and lower stress, not to mention get you pumped to conquer the rest of your day. Although web browsing is the standard, a workday walk is a healthier way to take a mental break, as it can help stimulate both your body and mind. And in the evening, try a relaxing stretch session to help soothe yourself toward a good night’s sleep for more energy the next day.


Go for (some) java

We don’t suggest chugging several coffees a day, but one or two cups of caffeinated goodness in the morning may help you find a little more motivation. The key word here is morning. Drinking caffeinated beverages in the afternoon and evening can lead to problems falling—and staying—asleep, which is completely counterproductive to your goal for daily energy.


But don’t forget your H2O

Water is essential to living, but most of us still don’t get enough (despite being constantly reminded). In addition to the critical job of helping your body maintain its normal daily functions, water can help with energy as well. Dehydration commonly leads to fatigue and moodiness, so make sure to sip enough throughout the day.


Start supplementing

If you’re always fighting fatigue, it might be time to talk to your doctor and test to see what key nutrients your body is missing. Your physician can point you to specific diet changes or recommend over the counter supplements, such as vitamin B and magnesium, to help you naturally elevate your energy levels.


Eat for energy

Sugar cereal and frosted pastries may give you that quick burst of carb-fueled fortitude, but they won’t energize you for the long haul. Instead you need a balance of protein, fibre and healthy fats. Think eggs scrambled with veggies alongside a piece of whole grain toast. But if you’re like most of us, a pan-cooked breakfast is not happening on a typical hectic weekday morning. Instead, try making mini frittatas in muffin pans or healthy energy bars ahead of time. Or whip up a quick protein smoothie for a nutritious breakfast you can take on the go.