Cannabis Education

How To Select A Strain

Shopping for dried flower can be an overwhelming experience for any medical patient. With so many strains to choose from, it can be difficult to know which works best for you and your specific needs. Although oils and other extracts can offer a more exact and simplified consumption process, some patients still prefer to combine those dosage methods with dried flower or to use dried flower exclusively.

Also known as bud, the dried flower is the part of the cannabis plant that is harvested, cured and dried, before being packaged to sell. Referring to a particular type or lineage of cannabis plant, each specific strain has many common physical traits and delivers similar effects when consumed, creating some consistency within the cannabis industry. Strains have unique combinations of properties, including the type and amount of both cannabinoids and terpenes. And with a dozen or more types of strains available in the Emblem shop at any given time, it can be daunting when trying to decipher what to buy. Here is where to start:

Step 1: Talk to Your Doctor

Cannabis is not a one size fits all medicine. It may be necessary to try a few types of strains, allowing you to discover which best suit your particular needs. To get started, Emblem recommends talking to your doctor or visiting a cannabis clinic. Here, you will be able to discuss everything from the benefits of various types of strains to the possible side effects, how it can affect your daily routine and when you should be consuming your medication.

Important questions to ask your doctor include:

  • Will this strain make me drowsy or help me feel more energized?
  • Will this strain make me feel more relaxed or more uplifted?
  • Can I take multiple strains depending on the time of day I need to use them?
  • Will medical cannabis interfere with my other medications?
  • Should I look for a strain higher or lower in THC or CBD?
  • Do I need an indica, sativa, hybrid or high CBD strain (or a combination of multiple types)?
  • Which strains will help with nausea, fatigue, anxiety, pain, etc.? (Be specific in listing your own unique symptoms.)
  • What consumption method should I use for my medical cannabis? (For example, vaporizing versus making edibles.)

Step 2: Do Your Own Research

We also recommend doing your research and educating yourself on the different types of cannabis and how they may be helpful to your condition. If your doctor suggests a sativa-oriented strain for your particular symptoms, go online and read more about it. Being as informed as possible on your medical cannabis will give you confidence in your purchase, while providing much-needed insight to how the strain is specifically targeting your symptoms.

Step 3: Choose Your Ideal Strains

Emblem categorizes our strains by indica, sativa, hybrid and CBD. Beyond that first distinction, each strain contains different ratios of THC and CBD, as well as prominent terpenes. If you have been pointed toward a particular strain by your healthcare professional, start with that recommendation. If you were given a more general list of strain attributes (like a strain high in CBD), start there. Many patients find experimenting with a few different strains and recording their effects can help provide clear insight to what is most useful for particular symptoms. Also note that you can mix or combine multiple products to find the strain and dosage combination that works best. For example, some patients find it helpful to use one type of strain during the day and another in the evening.

Emblem’s Strains

Example strains:

  • Artemis Maximus (Quantum Kush)
  • Paradise Island (Dela Haze)

Example strains:

  • Midnight Kiss (MK Ultra)
  • Sweet Surrender (Conspiracy Kush)

Example strains:

  • Day Dream (Sour Kush)
  • Moon Dance (Lemon Larry)

Example strains:

  • Cherry Hill (High Voltage CBD)
  • Zen’s Garden (Black Widow CBD)

If you’ve reviewed Emblem’s strains and need advice on choosing a particular type of medical cannabis your doctor recommended, please do not ever hesitate to contact our award-winning client care team at 1-844-546-3633 or email us at