An Emblem Initiative: National Service Dogs

An Emblem Initiative: National Service Dogs

Tuesday, November 28th is Giving Tuesday – a national day dedicated to giving back. This Giving Tuesday, Emblem is excited to announce our support for an incredible local charity making a difference in the lives of people across Canada – we are even more excited to get you all involved in the process.

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At Emblem we are fully committed to helping people live their healthiest, happiest and best lives. Sometimes this happens through a combination of nutrition, exercise, relaxation techniques and your medical cannabis prescription. Other times a patient needs something a little fluffier to help make a big difference. For over 20 years National Service Dogs (NSD) has been committed to helping animals help people. They pioneered the first program worldwide that breeds, trains and places certified service dogs with autistic children. Impeccably trained to provide security for children and their families, service dogs increase safety levels by creating a calming anchor between child and dog.

As if that wasn’t enough, NSD evolved further in 2011 by launching the Service Dogs for PTSD Program to help veterans and survivors living with long-term post-traumatic stress disorder. The very first accredited service dog organization of its kind in Canada, this comprehensive program assists those living with PTSD manage their symptoms and issues stemming from anxiety, hyper vigilance and transitioning into mainstream society, providing relief, companionship and emotional security.

National Service Dogs’ training centre is located just down the road from Emblem’s Paris, Ontario headquarters. Beyond raising awareness for this groundbreaking, essential and heartwarming organization, we wanted to do something tangible to support our Emblem Community.

“Through Emblem and GrowWise Health we have come to know many patients living with PTSD who benefit from the use of medical cannabis. When we began discussing ways to give back to our local community, National Service Dogs felt like a natural choice,” said Adam Saperia, Emblem’s Executive Vice President. “What better way to give back than supporting a charity in our own backyard that improves the lives of patients like ours?”

This is where you come in. While service dogs are provided free of charge to their recipients, it costs NSD up to $30,000 to fully train one dog. Our team will be working hard over the next few months to raise money to support one very special PTSD warrior and her service dog – and you can too!

NSD is a registered charity, meaning donations are eligible for a tax receipt. And to show our commitment, Adam will personally match the first $1,000 donated on Giving Tuesday – meaning your dollar will go twice as far!

So, what are you waiting for? Puppies and people are counting on us.


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