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Emblem oils are cultivar-specific to ensure consistency, so patients can expect the same effect each time they order a product. Cultivar-specific cannabis oil allows a patient to better anticipate the effects of the oil, based on its dried flower counterpart.

Our full spectrum extracts use a pharmaceutical-grade MCT carrier oil and are enhanced by a supercritical CO2 extraction process that ensures active cannabinoids and terpenes are faithfully preserved to maximize the benefits from  the entourage effect.

Emblem oils are also odourless and flavour-neutral.

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Discreet, convenient and easy to use, Atmosphere sprays provide accurate dosing and a smoke-free method for taking medical cannabis.

Emblem Atmosphere sprays provide improved dosing accuracy, with the odourless, flavour-neutral and cultivar-specific cannabis oil dispensed with every spray.

Emblem extracts are cultivar-specific to ensure consistency, so patients can expect the same effect each time they order a product.

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Precise, consistent and convenient, Emblem oil capsules are odourless, flavour-neutral and cultivar-specific oils offered in a discreet, vegan capsule format.

The precision-dosed capsules help patients better manage their symptoms and allow easy tracking and customization of medication use. This gives healthcare professionals another mode of administration that resembles traditional medications.

Emblem extracts are cultivar-specific to ensure consistency, so patients can expect the same effect each time they order a product.

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BLLRDR Dried Flower

Introducing Wedding Cake and the legendary Afghani Bullrider by BLLRDR. These two new iconic cultivars come to Emblem thanks to a recent partnership between Aleafia Health and BLLRDR.

Wedding Cake – A Modern Icon
Wedding Cake is an iconic Indica strain that has gained a lot of popularity over recent years.  This high THC strain emits a nose of fresh pine and earthy-sweet citrus. It has a high cannabinoid content with a robust terpene profile of Caryophyllene, Limonene, and Myrcene – resulting in a unique experience.
Afghani Bullrider – A Legendary Cultivar
This rare cultivar has a storied history across North America. It has large, green fluffy buds, with a noticeably high concentration of long amber pistols. It’s a flower that emits sweet and sour aromas with fruity notes. The terpene profile is dominated by two terps – Myrcene and Farnesene – which lend a consistent and predictable flavour profile from batch to batch.

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Dried Flower

Our curated selection of cultivars is grown and handled with utmost care to enhance their terpene profiles.

Emblem dried flower products are indoor grown in cultivar-specific environments, hang-dried and hand-manicured to maximize terpene levels.

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Compact and fast acting, pre-rolls offer the same dried flower products you know and appreciate, now available in pre-roll format.

Beneficial to patients who are unable to grind and roll their own flower or those who prefer a grab and go option for inhalation. Each pre-roll is hand rolled and carefully crafted to perfection for a slow burn and rapid onset.

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Discreet, convenient and fast-acting, vapes offer a smoke-free method for taking medical cannabis.

Inspired by Emblem’s signature cultivars, our custom-made terpene blends deliver robust flavours and unique effects.

Emblem 510 vapes are made using CO2-extracted distillate mixed with a custom blend of botanical terpenes, with no fillers or artificial flavours. Our cartridges are capped with a ceramic mouthpiece, and feature a glass tank and ceramic heating coil that are compatible with any universal 510-thread battery.

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Kin Slips

Kin Slips are compact and portable strips that are designed to dissolve under your tongue to deliver a precise and fast-acting dose. Our carefully-crafted blends are formulated with cannabinoids, terpenes, and natural ingredients, and designed for consistent experiences.

Fast Acting

Some patients may experience effects in as little as 10-15 minutes*. Kin Slips dissolve under your tongue in about one minute and typically remain active for up to 2-6 hours. However, individuals may experience effects for up to 8-12 hours.


Kin Slips are paper-thin strips that fit easily in your pocket.


Kin Slips provide consistent and reliable effects. They are made with naturally-derived cannabis oil and a specifically curated selection of botanical terpenes, added to deliver a full-spectrum effect.


Kin Slips are made with natural ingredients and are vegan.

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Bogart’s Kitchen – Cannabis-infused Soft Chews

Bogart’s Kitchen soft chews offer patients an easy-to-dose, discreet and convenient way to take medical cannabis. Each soft chew has been made with natural flavours and colours to deliver our best possible flavour and texture with no artificial sweeteners.

Soft Chews are available in two flavours: Strawberry Lemonade and Peach Mango. Each package consists of two soft chews, and each soft chew contains 5mg of THC (10 mg of THC per package).

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Bath Bombs

Noon & Night’s CBD bath bombs are infused with full-spectrum CBD extracts and essential oils. Dissolve in a warm bath to enjoy a full-body soak. Hypoallergenic and free of colourants. Finally, CBD you can soak in!

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