Grown by cannabis enthusiasts like you. For people like us.

We grow it.
We get it.

We’re just like you. We want to truly live our best lives, be our best selves, and never take a moment for granted. That’s why we created Emblem, a company that produces something we truly believe in for patients we truly care about. We’re not a giant, disconnected corporation. From our team of passionate growers to our dedicated Client Care team, each Emblem employee works toward one goal—being the best to give our patients the best.

Meet the team.

Fiercely committed to the pursuit of the perfect flower.

Our dream was to surround ourselves with a group of like-minded enthusiasts with shared interests and an amazing “all for one” family dynamic. Because we had so many highly qualified people to choose from, we could afford to be picky. So we picked the best. Fellow canna-fans with mind-blowing education, career and research credentials, who live and breathe an undying passion to create and cultivate medical cannabis with our patients in mind.

Our process.

A living laboratory

We love our Mothers! Finding the best Mother plant to breed each of our cannabis strains is the first step to uncovering the perfect phenotype. We begin by growing a full room of mothers of a single strain. We carefully watch each plant grow, taking note of their unique qualities. As each plant is harvested, it’s meticulously tested for the natural cannabinoids and terpenes that will provide the greatest patient relief. After the ultimate Mother phenotype is selected, we begin tending to her daughters with the same care and attention. Just as nature provides us with the benefits of cannabis, it has its own way of controlling the natural predators. Our first defense is a holistic one, using organic solutions to ensure our strains grow healthy and true to their innate plant powers. We also employ various strategies, like elevating the CO2 levels, making our plants grow bigger and more robust. The pungent terpene aroma and flavour is the telltale difference naturally grown makes.

Our plant.

Welcome to our state-of-the-art Cannabinoid Factory.

Using the latest in indoor grow science, our brand-new Paris, Ontario facility was custom-designed and purpose-built specifically to cultivate cannabis for medicinal use. The carefully regulated indoor environment is powered by a Canadian-made, custom-developed Argus controlled system, which regulates our grow rooms to maintain positive pressure and control outside contamination.

Our partners.

Medical cannabis professionals invested in human health.

Our partner clinics provide personalized guidance for patients. They will assess a patient’s suitability, identify the correct strain and dosage, educate on use, provide counseling on lifestyle concerns and report back to the referring doctor on the progress of the patient’s treatment.

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Registering with Emblem is surprisingly easy. Simply (1) register online, (2) download the Medical Document to be completed and faxed by your doctor, (3) wait for medical verification from our Client Care team. Once that’s done you’re ready to shop online or order by phone with one of our Cannabis Counsellors.