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Quality medical cannabis

We want to truly live our best lives, be our best selves and never take a moment for granted. That’s why we at AleafiaHealth created Emblem – a brand and a line of products that offers something we truly believe in for patients we truly care about. From our team of passionate growers to our dedicated Client Care team, each of us works toward one goal— to give our patients the best medical cannabis experience. Not convinced? Here’s a few more reasons why:

Award-winning service: 

  • Quick & easy same-day registration
  • Fast shipping across Canada
  • AssureHome Delivery – convenient and secure direct-to-door service
  • Award-winning Client Care team available Mon-Wed 8AM-6PM EST, Thur-Fri 9AM-5PM EST.

High quality products:

  • Full-spectrum, odourless & flavour-neutral, and cultivar-specific extracts – creating a consistent experience
  • Dried flower products cultivated in cultivar-specific environments, hang dried and hand manicured to maximize terpene levels

Great value: 

  • Veterans Affairs coverage
  • Compassionate Pricing Program

Cultivar-specific medicine

Our extracts (oils, sprays, capsules) are produced using the same, single genetic input material every time.

  • Emblem extracts are cultivar-specific, offering continuity of treatment across different delivery methods.
  • Using the same strain each time means better consistency, so you can expect the same effects each time.
  • Another advantage of using a single cultivar is that you can anticipate the effects of the oil, based on its dried flower counterpart.
  • Emblem extracts use pharmaceutical-grade MCT (medium chain triglyceride) oil as a carrier oil. MCT oil is most often derived from coconuts.

A living laboratory

We take a scientific approach to the plant world. It takes more than seeds and soil to create Emblem’s high-quality cultivars and concentrates. We begin by growing a single strain, carefully monitoring each plant’s unique qualities. During harvest the plants are meticulously tested for the natural cannabinoids and terpenes that will provide the greatest patient relief. Just as nature provides us with the benefits of cannabis, it has its own way of controlling the natural predators. Our first defense is a holistic one, using organic solutions to ensure our strains grow healthy and true to their innate plant powers. We also employ various strategies, like elevating CO2 levels to help our plants grow bigger and more robust, with strong terpene profiles. The result: aromatic, flavourful and effective dried flower, as well as effective cannabis oils and other cannabinoid-based medical products made by Emblem.

State-of-the-art cannabinoid facilities

Our products are grown in three modern cannabis production facilities that were specifically built to produce medical cannabis. From the carefully regulated indoor production site and R&D facility in Paris, Ontario, to the state-of-the-art automated greenhouse in Grimsby, Niagara and the outdoor cultivation site in Port Perry, we ensure that our patients have uninterrupted supply of high-quality medical grade cannabis products.

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Become a patient. Easy as 1-2-3

Ready to try medical cannabis but worried about a lengthy application process? Becoming an Emblem Cannabis patient is surprisingly easy.